Nordauto - Biggest dealership of used cars in Estonia

Our main benefits are the following:

  1. A personal manager will help you while choosing a used car from our database or in internet-marketplaces of Europe.
  2. We offer a professional help with all the certificates and other documents needed.
  3. We afford a wide range of used cars all over Europe.
  4. We propose our transportation service, that presupposes delivery of used cars from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands to the EU countries as well as to Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
  5. We also offer purchasing of your used car in good state and calculate its price out from the total price of the car, you have chosen.
We propose to buy a used vehicle, that will be up to all your …. . While making an order, you can enumerate all the preferable  parameters: brand and model, body style,  mileage, engine capacity and fuel type. Our managers will always help you to choose an optimal used car, that will fit you in price and quality. Our company is also in cooperation with most banks of Estonia, that are ready to give you credit or finance lease for buying a used car. You can choose the most beneficial credit line or finance lease terms while buying a car from our catalogue.

So we propose to buy a used car in Estonia on the best terms.

  • One of our principles is the following: we always give the actual information about the chosen car.
  • We are ready to take on all paper job: warranties, certificates and other documents, that are needed while selling or buying a car in Tallinn.
The company Tehnikaring specializes not only in selling used cars, but also deals with the transportation of personal cars, minivans and technical vehicles throughout European Union and Customs Union. Besides calling us on phone or contacting our managers by internet, you can always talk to our managers visiting our office in Tallinn, Kadaka tee 72 A, III Floor 12618. We are always ready to make a step forwards our clients and to find compromise while selling or buying a used vehicle.
Car ordering

Through us you can order a suitable vehicle from Europe. We guarantee the technical condition of the vehicle, and timely delivery.

Our services

Nordauto offers a variety of services, from pre-market control of the car, to the great proposals for leasing and car insurance.


We offer you a service that aims to make a purchase cars as convenient. In our Dealership, you can resolve all the issues related to the purchase of the car.

Land Rover

Dear Land Rover owner! Now parts, maintenance, repair and diagnostics for Land Rover is under the same roof.


Pre-owned cars’ purchase and sale

Today many people face the problem of buying a good car: most citizens of Europe find a personal car as the main vehicle, that can be used to reach a place of job, a shop or to go to a picnic. Buy a new car is worth buying, but rather expensive. Most citizens of Estonia and Customs Union choose buying a used car, moreover today one can find rather cheap vehicles in good state and with small mileage. Our company deals with selling and transportation of use vehicles to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and CU countries.



M-F   9.00 – 18.00

Sat.    10.00 – 15.00

Sun.             Closed

Kadaka tee 72a, Tallinn
Tel: +372 600 3659


Nature loves your CNG Car, as well as your wallet!

Despite the fact that the fuel consumption by about 10-15% higher than gasoline, the fuel savings obtained significant. All costs for the purchase and installation of gas equipment pays off for 10-20 thousand kilometers. With dressing, as a rule, there is no problem too. So in the long trip gas equipment is not ballast, because it is actually an additional fuel tank increases range with 350-500 km. In addition, the transition from one fuel to another is done directly from the cabin.

More than 120 cars in the showroom

Obviously the best selection of used cars in Estonia.

We offer transport services

We offer fast and reliable transport from Europe, Russia and CIS countries.

Natural gas car benefits

Nature loves your CNG Car, as well as your wallet.

Quick purchase of your car

Let us make you a better offer to repurchase your old car with the best price!

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