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The car dealership Nordauto Grupp has been operating for more than 5 years, and is one of the largest indoor car dealers in Estonia. Our showroom, with the area of 2,500 m², displays around 160 vehicles. All of them pass vehicle inspection, and many of them are covered by a warranty. We both sell vehicles at the dealership and deliver customized orders. You can order a vehicle from any EU country (including Switzerland) as well as from Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

At Nordauto office you will have an opportunity to:

  • buy or sell a used car;
  • part exchange a car with or without an additional charge;
  • order a car from Europe;
  • transport your car;
  • get a leasing deal;
  • obtain an insurance.

In addition, we have a professional service and repair facility which offers various services, such as:

  • vehicle repair and inspection;
  • pre-sale vehicle inspection;
  • washing and dry-cleaning;
  • installing alarm systems and other electrical equipment.

It is also possible to prepare your car for the change of seasons – at our service and repair facility you can get tires changed and stored. At our dealership, we have combined the most essential services for car owners and made the whole customer service process as comfortable as possible. Through concerted effort made by our team, we have earned the trust of our business partners and a large number of customers, which is priceless for us. Today, Nordauto cooperates with the largest banks in Estonia as well as with reliable leasing, logistics and insurance companies, which allows us to offer the most effective solutions to you.

Cars sale and ordering

Artjom Kuznetski
Artjom Kuznetski
Sales Consultant
Gustav Kull
Gustav Kull
Sales Consultant



Aleksandr Shmatko
Aleksandr Shmatko
Logistics manager
Pavel Kislitsõn
Pavel Kislitsõn


Priit Ärmpalu
Priit Ärmpalu
Executive Director
Maris Pajumaa
Maris Pajumaa
Kristina Kaart
Kristina Kaart
Sales Assistant

Management Board

Janek Mõik
Janek Mõik
Management Board Member

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