Twice a year, car owners stand in queues to get winter tires changed to summer tires, and vice versa. In this regard, storage of tires is a crucial issue.

After replacing tires, car owners inevitably face the problem of transporting them and finding a place where to store them. It is unnecessary inconvenience and waste of time.

Drivers are well aware that tires require special storage conditions. The consequences of improper storage can lead to micro-cracks, loss of durability, and even deformation of tires.

We have an offer for you – after changing tires, you can store them in our workshop.

Nordauto is specially adapted to store tires. Your tires are not affected by humidity, rainfall or drop of temperature, because they are stored in a well-ventilated area with the appropriate level of humidity.

You can buy summer and winter tyres at Nordauto. We will select the most suitable solution for you. Besides, you can also buy car tyres by instalments.

Read more detailed information about payment by instalments here.

LHV hire-purchase makes it possible to pay for goods/services in instalments.

Complete an application here or at our shop, and we will provide you with a quotation straight away.

  • We will respond to your application within minutes.
  • Down payment starting from 0 euros.
  • Calculated based on the loan balance only.

You yourself can select a monthly payment amount and a repayment period that suits you.

Additional information:, 6802 700 09.00 to 21.00 daily

Purchase amount12 months24 months36 months48 months
300 €27 €15 €11 €-
500 €45 €24 €18 €14 €
1 000 €91 €49 €35 €28 €
3 000 €272 €147 €105 €85 €

This is a rounded sample monthly payment, if the interest rate is 15.9%. The eventual monthly payment is specified in the contract.

Conditions of hire-purchase

  • A decision granting hire-purchase is valid for 90 days. During this period, you can apply the limit provided to purchase goods or services.
  • Minimum applicant income EUR 250 per month.
  • Contract fee starting from EUR 19.90.
  • Term of contract up to 48 months.

LHV hire-purchase may also be used by a company that has been operating for at least one year. To do so, file an application, the annual report of the company for the past year, and the balance sheet and profit report as at the last month. E-mail the documents to and an offer will be sent to you within three days, at the latest. If necessary, we will request a surety from the owner of the company, from a member of the board, or from another company.

Hire-purchase is provided by AS LHV Finance. Review the terms and conditions at the sales point or and consult our expert.

The annual percentage rate of hire-purchase is 25.64% per annum on the following example conditions: cost of goods / services €650, down payment 0%, credit amount €650, interest rate 19.9% on the balance per annum (fixed), contract fee €19.90, and the period of payment is 25 months. The sum shall be paid in monthly annuities and the total sum of payments is €819.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us:

Tel: 6003659
Kadaka tee 72a, 12618, Tallinn.