Our car dealership is the largest indoor retailer of used cars in Estonia. Our vehicles are always clean and unaffected by climatic factors, since they are displayed in the showroom. The dealership is insured and well-guarded, so you should not worry about the safety of your car.

Commission sale includes:

  • Сompiling and placing elaborate adverts for sale of motor vehicles on well-known web portals;
  • Displaying your car in our showroom;
  • Sale of your car by our experts;
  • Re-registering a car.

Conditions for accepting vehicles for commission sale:

  • History of technical maintenance and passing technical inspection must be provided.
  • The vehicle must be technically sound.
  • All of the alleged components must be included in the vehicle.
  • The car must be in order both technically and visually.
  • The car should have the specified configuration (service book, the required number of start keys, winter/summer tires, etc).
  • The car must be clean both inside and outside (if necessary, we can provide this service ourselves).

Our rates for commission sale:

  • Minimum commission rate is 1 000 EUR + VAT 20%.
  • Commission on the amount of less than 20,000 EUR makes up 5% of the transaction value.
  • If the car price exceeds 20,000 EUR, commission constitutes 4%.
  • When the vehicle is withdrawn from sales, the daily fee for each day of sales is 5 EUR.
  • If the vehicle has not been sold within 60 days, starting from day 61, 5 EUR is added to the commission fee for every following day.

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If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us:

Tel: 6003659
E-mail: info@nordauto.ee
Kadaka tee 72a, 12618, Tallinn.