If you want to sell your vehicle with the help of Nordauto, you car should undergo pre-sale inspection. First of all, we check the documents for the vehicle and its history – it should be “transparent”. Technical inspection is done by our specialists.


  • body inspection,
  • vehicle health check,
  • engine check-up,
  • checking brake system and running gear,
  • passenger compartment inspection,
  • test drive.

Before the car is delivered to the dealership, we prepare it for sale, in the course of which we wash it thoroughly, polish it whenever necessary, cover with wax, do dry-cleaning, and provide leather upholstery maintenance.

We fit the vehicle with proper tires, depending on the season, and replace burned-out light bulbs. We do all of the operations listed above to make sure the car looks good and is ready for sale.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us:

Tel: 6003659
E-mail: info@nordauto.ee
Kadaka tee 72a, 12618, Tallinn.