Traffic insurance

Every single vehicle entered into the register of vehicles of the Estonian Road Administration should have a valid traffic insurance. The obligation for entering into traffic insurance contract lies on the authorized user. If there is no authorized user, the relevant obligation lies on the owner. The traffic insurance contract is a fixed-term contract. It can be entered into for the period from 1 day up to 12 months. The vehicle cannot take part in traffic if it doesn’t have valid traffic insurance.

The Green Card

The traffic insurance contract is valid all over Europe. However, if you go abroad, you should have the Green Card. The Green Card is an international certificate of insurance liability. Damage is compensated for in accordance with the rules of the country where the traffic accident has taken place.

Hull insurance

Hull insurance is a voluntary insurance. Of course, in addition to mandatory traffic insurance, all lease companies oblige their customers to have hull insurance. In addition to damage done in traffic accidents, hull insurance also covers smashed windows, thefts, and destruction of vehicles.

What to do in the event of damage?

If a customer has been involved in a traffic accident, the vehicle has been stolen, or it has burned down, inform the police about it immediately. After that, you should inform the loss adjustment department of the relevant insurance company about what happened as soon as possible.

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